ISTA North American Tribal Gathering

Aug 01, 4:00 PM - Aug 06, 1:00 PM


Join us for the 2nd annual ISTA North American Tribal Gathering! All ISTA graduates of any level are welcome. This is a sacred offering to deepen and strengthen connections with our tribe.

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Expanded to twice as long as last year, the Gathering is a time to connect and strengthen the ISTA community, and build links between empowered and awakened people.


We offer: plenty of open time for play and connection, powerful and sexy daily ISTA-related workshops, a parallel age-appropriate kids’ program, and family-friendly gathering times.


The Gathering follows the first ISTA Family Fusion Experiment (July 24-31 at the same venue), and we are expecting families to join us from all over the world to participate in both sessions. 

A Forested Retreat Center by a River in the

Allegheny Mountains:

Mt. Storm WV USA


North American Tribal Gathering

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Crystal Dawn Morris


Dawn Cherie


Xavier Forceville


Penelope Goldmuntz


Rich Priddis


Shezza Walters

Sarah Taub


Alan Shurafa


Harold Kornylak


Rusty Stewart



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